TH!NK City for Sale in Aptos, CA


This is a 2011 Think City, the only production year for this new model.  The total mileage is very low at only 20,000 miles and the car has always been stored under cover or inside during my ownership.  It has a 3.3KW charger and a 24KW battery, same as the 2011 Leaf, with the same range of 80 miles (your range will vary depending on speed and weather conditions).  Top speeds are controlled by a computer to save energy.  Acceleration is better than most gasoline powered vehicles.  Its low energy shift position is unique because it has a maximum speed of 50 MPH. The high energy setting has a top speed of 70 MPH. As with all Thinks, the speedometer reads at “Think Speed,” showing 5 MPH faster than the car is really moving, so 70 MPH will read 75 MPH on the speedometer.  

All the other features are listed on the window sheet, posted below.  The car cover is included.  I use Armour All on the thermal plastic body and that has kept the blue bright and unfaded.  I don’t believe the battery has degraded at all. I drive over the hill from Aptos to Palo Alto (60 miles) around once a month. I charge while I am visiting my mother there.  I always have about 20% remaining when I arrive. 

I am asking $5,000 but would like to hear offers.  I want it to go to a good home and be with someone that will make good use of the vehicle.  I prefer it to remain locally since we do have a really good service person in San Jose, Randy Bryant, but it is a very reliable car and has all the software updates and no rattles. This is a fantastic car for someone who does mainly local trips or a second car for a busy family. As with all electrics, its automatic transmission (not really gears, just electronic selections), makes it a wonderful starter car as it’s so easy to drive.

If you are not familiar with the Think story, it is best to read it on Wikipedia